Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Every home needs constant attention to make life in it comfortable and safe. As you probably know from your own experience, there are routine and seasonal cleaning procedures. Spring is a good period to take care of your home, as it is important to prepare for hot summer as well as eliminate the effects of the cold months. There are a number of regular maintenance procedures that need to be done in the spring. A comprehensive spring cleaning is an iconic tradition, but there are many other important procedures related to the maintenance of home appliances and systems, including your air conditioning, swimming pool, ceiling fan, cooktop exhaust fan, and more. It will save money on an appliance warranty for sure.

If you live in Texas, then you are likely to face heavy rainfall or even floods in the spring. As everyone who lives in Texas knows, the spring months in this state are characterized by high humidity. Texas is a very hot state; the average temperature in Austin reaches 58-79 °F as early as April. This is a good time to test the performance of your water drains and carry out spring AC maintenance.

Spring Cleaning Check-List

For your convenience, you can use the ‘Spring home maintenance checklist’ so you don’t forget anything. Usually, springtime cleaning procedures include: 

  • Check-Listcleaning windows; 
  • deep cleaning of kitchen appliances, washing/drying machine;
  • cleaning drains;
  • washing carpets; 
  • dusting, especially in hard-to-reach places that aren’t usually dusted; 
  • washing curtains;
  • switching seasonal clothing and donating unneeded items;
  • washing bedding and pillows;
  • organizing cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom;
  • deep cleaning of the shower/bathtub and toilet including tiles;
  • maintaining the air conditioner; 
  • preparing the pool for the season; 
  • if you have a fireplace, cleaning your chimney after winter use. 

This is a long list, but you can use the services of contractors for many of these items. Almost all cleaning companies offer a one-time deep spring cleaning service. The price of such spring cleaning help depends on the size of the house and the amount of work needed. The average house cleaning rates in Austin, Texas is $152, although homeowners can spend anywhere from $75 to $300. Deep cleaning usually includes washing windows and carpet cleaning, but you can also order these services separately. For example, cleaning of carpets in Austin will cost an average of $173 (depending on the amount of work, technology, and urgency), washing windows – $229 (they will take into account the area and number of windows, their non-standard sizes, and mineral deposits that need to be cleared away).

Oftentimes, ordinary cleaning companies do not provide chimney and gutter cleaning services – you need to look for special companies. Cleaning the chimney in Texas will cost an average of $162 (in particular, from $89 to $362), while gutters can cost you around $156 (from $117 to $225). Gutter cleaning in spring is critically important in preparation for heavy rains in the spring and summer months.

Beyond House Cleaning

But cleaning alone is only part of the job to make your home more comfortable and safe. Cleaning your ventilation system and performing an  AC check-up is necessary to prepare them for the hot season in the spring, otherwise, there is a good chance that these systems will break down. It’s no secret that proper care extends the lifespan of your home appliances. So, you need to contact special companies that will carry out an air conditioning tune-up. They should:

  • check the overall performance of the unit; 
  • check the refrigerant level; 
  • calibrate the thermostat; 
  • oil the motors if necessary; 
  • clean the evaporator and condenser coils; 
  • check, clean and/or replace filters. 

On average, a service call for routine home appliance maintenance will cost from $125 to $175, while the refrigerant charge, if necessary, will cost another $160 – $750. The cleaning of air ducts and air vents is a separate procedure. It’s needed for proper operation of HVAC, and also improves energy efficiency and helps minimize the effects of allergies by keeping the air clean. In Texas, the average cost of this service is $370.

Ignoring preventive procedures is a sure path to unexpected breakdowns, especially during the hottest Texas months. If you’ve faced this problem before, you know that finding a proven repairman is difficult in the summer. Choosing a home warranty with the air conditioning tune-up option will help you save a lot. Landmark Home Warranty is one company that has such plans. So, in case your air conditioner malfunctions, reliable contractors will fix it fast and at no extra charge.

What Else? 

Another important part of your spring cleaning routine is inspecting and cleaning your spa and pool. It’s smart to begin the process of reopening the pool early, but it’s also critical to wait until the frosts are over and the average temperature is in the fifties. The main priorities are:

  • removing the protective coating; 
  • checking the pool integrity; 
  • cleaning surface debris; 
  • installing equipment; 
  • replacing filters; 
  • cleaning the pool with a vacuum cleaner or scraper; 
  • starting pumps. 

During the initial start-up of the system, you need to make sure that all the equipment is working properly. After the winter, the water may be dirty, muddy, or contain dangerous microorganisms – it is necessary to use water disinfectants. You can contact a company just by googling “pool cleaning service near me”. The price of reopening pools in Texas ranges from $300 to $600.

The Takeaway

Every home needs at least one deep clean a year, and spring is often considered the best time for it. At face value, spring cleaning is a deep clean of your entire home. But that’s only half the battle, as spring cleaning comes with lots of extra maintenance tasks that tend not to get done on a regular basis, such as cleaning the air conditioning system or pool maintenance. Remember that you always have a choice – to do a spring cleaning yourself or use the services of a cleaning or home warranty company to make your life easier.