Home Warranties in Texas

Home Warranties in Texas

Texas is known for its extreme weather conditions. In some places, the air temperature may rise to almost 100 °F in the summer. Therefore, homeowners have to use air conditioners for a good portion of the year, which leads to greater wear and tear on the air conditioning systems. Another important thing to consider is humidity, which may reach as high as 90%. Home appliances and systems can quickly break down when operating in such an environment. So if you don’t have a manufacturer’s warranty on your home appliances, it’s time to choose one from among the best home warranty companies in Texas.

There are about 50 home warranty companies in Texas. Some of them offer services across the entire country, like Choice Home Warranty; and some companies are local and focus on Texas, like Nations Home Warranty. Texas has one of the widest home warranty selections out there, together with Arizona and Florida. Unlike states like California where there are prohibitive state-level regulatory requirements, the state of Texas does not have strong requirements. 

Top 3 Best Home Warranties in Texas

First American Home Warranty

  • First American is a nationally operating home warranty company that started in 1984 (one of the first ones).
  • The company boasts more than 100m dollars in revenues annually and is on a growth trend.
  • Coverage includes everything besides humidifier, air cleaner, stand-alone freezer, ice makers of all types, and fans.

Select Home Warranty

  • Started in 2012 in NJ and has been a prominent home warranty company since then. Operating in the majority of states including Texas.
  • $150 off annual policy and free roof leak coverage promotion.
  • Lower deductible payment than most companies.

American Home Shield

  • The largest home warranty company in America boasting more than 2 million households as customers.
  • American home shield is a public company with a vast presence, low fees, and a variety of plans.
  • They cover all home appliances and systems besides humidifier, air cleaner, ice maker, kitchen exhaust fans, attic fans, bath exhaust fan, and whole-house fans.

Home Warranty Coverage

Home Warranty Coverage

The price of home warranty plans Texas depends directly on the number of covered appliances in the house. An analysis of plans offered by the best home warranty companies in Texas shows that the three most common plans are: plans covering only appliances – which are called Appliance Plans; plans covering only home systems – which are called Systems Plans; or combined plans that do both – known as Combo Plans.

Different home warranty companies in Texas offer different types of plans. You need to decide if you would like to cover your home systems, your home appliances, or both. The range of home systems and appliances covered by one home warranty company may differ significantly from what another company covers.

As a rule, Appliance Plans cover all the most essential home appliances, for instance, washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and garage door openers. If you have recently updated your appliances, you might not need an appliance home warranty plan.

Most home warranty companies’ Systems Plans will include HVAC (central heating, ventilation, air conditioning) coverage, as well as hot water heaters, plumbing, electrical systems protection. These do not include home security systems.

Almost all the best home warranty companies in Texas offer to expand the number of items covered by the selected plan using their list of addons. This option will allow you to choose the best coverage for your home. As an example, optional coverage for a refrigerator costs about $30, and for a Pool and Spa – $160 per year. Some providers even offer additional coverage for things like roof leaks, water softeners, and wine refrigerators.

This is a more detailed explanation of how home warranty coverage work.

Home Warranty Reliability

The reliability of any home warranty company can be easily determined by the feedback of its customers on consumer reporting sites, the time that the company has been open, and its presence in the top lists of various expert publications and websites.

In addition, there is the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) in Texas, which regulates the work of all home warranty companies in Texas. Note that each company must have a special license to prove that the contractors coming to repair your home are properly trained and certified.


There are many home warranty companies in Texas, yet the quality of services offered by each company varies greatly from one to the next. So, to choose the right one from among the best home warranty companies in Texas, you should first decide on the appliances and systems in your house that may require repairs in the near future. Usually, these are home appliances that you have used for a long time, and that you will continue to actively use in the future.

You can research the best home warranty plans in Texas taking into account the above factors. Reviewing different types of plans and conducting a thorough comparison of alternatives is essential to find a company that will meet your requirements. To begin, you can try to find the highest rated home warranty companies in Texas.