Air Conditioning Service in Texas

Air Conditioning Service in Texas

Texas ranks second hottest among all American states in terms of the average temperature during the summer. The highest ever temperature of 120⁰ F was recorded in 1994 in Monahans, TX. Surviving without air conditioning at this temperature is almost impossible. An air conditioning service is vital here since ac malfunction will affect not only the comfort in the room but also people’s health. The 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey found out that nearly 95% of US homes in the southwest central region (where Texas is the dominant area) use air-conditioning equipment, which requires regular HVAC maintenance.

Selling, installing, maintenance, and air conditioning repair in Texas is provided by HVAC, which stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning”, specialists. Using popular resources like the Yellow Pages, we found over 1,500 search results for HVAC maintenance and repair contractors in Houston, TX. As for Texas as a whole, there are over 3,000 companies providing air conditioning service. Installing a whole-house HVAC system by these companies can cost between $4,000 and $12,000.

Possible problems with air conditioning:

You can enjoy cool temperatures for a while after installing a new air conditioner. Unfortunately, problems in the operation of the AC equipment can gradually appear. The most common reasons for AC repair are:

– reduced cooling efficiency;

– more electricity consumption;

– unpleasant odor in the room;

– water leaks;

– and even complete breakdown.

Some of these problems can be avoided by regular HVAC maintenance, which includes:

– cleaning of all filters, heat exchangers and fans;

– control of the current consumption of the air conditioner and the refrigerant pressure.

The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Filter cleaning is recommended to be carried out regularly, including both the internal and external blocks. Filters are designed to catch dust, but if not cleaned regularly they can clog and collect moisture. Obviously, that’s not good for your health. Once cleaned, the equipment works again as before, providing fresh air to the room according to the set temperature. By the way, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

In general, the prevention of the climatic equipment breakdowns is a set of actions aimed at checking all elements of the system. This process should be regular to ensure stable, high-quality and long-term operation of the equipment. Air conditioning repair service in Texas is usually carried out by HVAC technicians, which can be easily found by googling “ac service near me”.

The need for regular maintenance of air conditioners

maintenance of air conditionersAir conditioning repair costs about $160 – $520, however, a new one will cost you from $3,700 to $7,000. You can protect your air conditioner by purchasing an HVAC maintenance plan, which includes not only services but also discounts on spare parts and air conditioner repairs. The average cost of HVAC plans is within $150 and $500 per year, depending on the number of services offered.

Home warranty plans are NOT an alternative to HVAC maintenance. Usually, Terms and Conditions indicate that the company will not repair the air conditioner if proper care has not been taken. Therefore, the owners of air conditioners covered by the home warranty or extended warranty company must still regularly maintain their air conditioners. Regular air conditioner insurance covers repairs arising from normal wear and tear.

Remember, the effective operation of climate-control equipment in your home will depend not only on proper operation but also on quality and timely maintenance. If you service your air conditioner regularly, it will serve you well for a long time, and instead of troublesome repairs, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying a cool, comfortable home.